Thursday, March 02, 2006

Assessment is life changing?

Not sure I agree with Obi-care One's contention that assessment should be life changing. I can't think of any assessment in my life that has been that radical. Think the journey part of assessment is safer ground and therefore the assessment merely becomes a validation of the learning journey but in that moment of assessment it often invalidates the prior learning because if it has been a positive experience it is possibly unassessable in terms of a viable assessment instrument. I.e. can the assessment instrument actually measure what has been learnt? I know that somebody will come back with 'Well that depends on the quality of the assessment instrument' etc, etc. but in my experience the most valuable learning cannot necessarily measured. After all, we have virtually no idea how the brain works and therefore consciousness is effectively beyond our comprehension and therefore do we really understand learning? If we don't how can we measure it? This leads to questions of why we need to measure learning in the ways that we currently do. Reasonable assessment is undoubtedly desirable for a variety of reasons but a vast amount of it is just state control.......................................

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Assessment in H & C

How does H & C deal with quality assurance issues regarding assessing the quality of learners' work while on placement by external parties?

Assessment - educationally useful?

Excessive assessment is a cancer spreading through education which is largely detrimental.......................

In reality, how much assessment is educationally useful?

First Thoughts

As this is my first time in the world of blogging, I am somewhat lost as to what to do. So I suppose the first thing is to contemplate the purpose of blogging and what I can use it for.